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The Art of Relaxing, Reflecting, And Letting Go Through Sound Healing

As the slow long days of summer come to an end, we are reminded that every end welcomes a new beginning, a time of transformation, change, and renewal. We recognize our place within the cycle of nature and with it comes the opportunity to reflect, prepare and move into the new season.

To honor the essence of fall, I invite you to take time and space to collect, reflect, and set intentions. This could be through journaling, breath work-inspired movement, or sound healing.

Allow yourself to slow down, go inwards, and experience deep relaxation.

How does sound healing work?

Sound healing is the therapeutic use of sounds to bring balance into the mind, body and soul. Using both ancient and modern instruments, including a chakra set of Tibetan singing bowls, I create a calming space to deeply relax and bathe in the healing vibrations.

This practice helps reduce the effects of stress, allowing the body to release tension, and reach a state of balance combined with a sense of well-being and peace.

This ancient healing technique affects the nervous system down to a cellular level as vibrations flood our brain with dopamine, the brain releases oxytocin-the natural pain killer hormone, and this experience can take you to a place of deep relaxation through an altered state of consciousness beyond the thinking mind.

Practiced in combination with breath and gentle movement such as yin yoga, this healing trio may help you open to the healing effects of the sound, supporting you in your journey through subtle yet specific therapeutic sequences delivered with intuition and purpose. This is a chance to give your body, mind, and emotions a deeply restorative experience in a safe environment.

Now is the perfect time to feel your connection to the Earth, to the changing season, the slower pace of life as you return to your roots slowing and stilling. Try a sound healing class as now is a time to retreat and flow into fall with clarity.

Rest, and digest.

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