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Lessons from Southern California 🌵

And that's a wrap for my PCT journey through the Southern Californian desert has arrived. Having traversed 702 miles amidst an array of wildflowers, manzanitas, alpine forests, and cacti, this arid yet vibrant terrain, the desert's episode has been fleeting yet intense.

The Pacific Crest Trail has undoubtedly posed some of the greatest challenges I've ever faced. With no prior backpacking experience and thrown headfirst into the thick of things, I stand amazed at my progress and the enduring joy this adventure brings. However, it's not without its tolls - unfamiliar aches, lack of sleep, and persistent longing for my bed's comfort.

My approach to the PCT has been an exercise in experiential learning, embracing a variety of forms. The transition has been enormous, and reflecting on the progress from day one leaves me astonished. Yet, such growth isn't without its peaks and valleys.

Emotions have run the gamut - fear, uncertainty, exhaustion, despair, elation, joy, pride, and resolve. A vivid tapestry of feelings and experiences I've lived to their fullest. This acceptance of the human experience in all its shades is life in its purest form. I feel a profound sense of gratitude and pride for continuously stepping beyond my comfort zone. Isn't that where life truly unfolds?

The Southern California desert trek has been awe-inspiring, presenting vistas far more diverse and striking than anticipated. Over these past few months, my path has led me through hot desert conditions, snow-laden mountains, and across rivers in flow. Alpine trees, cacti, manzanitas, flower beds, and burnt expanses are now my typical views. Every day introduces new landscapes and extraordinary experiences.

The PCT's social side has been the cherry on top. It's gifted me cherished friendships and chance encounters with people from all walks of life. I've realized that in my everyday life, social connections like these are sorely lacking, despite the energy and joy they bring. New faces and stories greet me every day. It's been refreshingly easy to form bonds in this setting, serving as a heartening reminder of the impact social support can have on our wellbeing. The sense of belonging, being supported, and understood has been immense for my mental health. Out here, I feel anchored, one with nature, meeting fellow adventurous spirits from across the globe. The sense of belonging is real, and my laughter hasn't been this unrestrained in ages. I'm brimming with happiness.

Still, the journey hasn't been without its ups and downs. I've experienced more joy and laughter than I have in years, and also allowed myself to genuinely feel and express these fulfilling emotions. Every day brings fresh challenges, landscapes, and encounters, keeping me on my toes. Embracing uncertainty has been key. On the flip side, I've also endured hard days, physically and mentally, when I felt drained, weak, and unwilling to take another step. My insecurities have come under the spotlight, challenging the illusion that I could avoid them on this journey. It's spurred self-doubt and fostered comparisons with others, but it's also underscored the importance of pursuing my journey and celebrating my daily accomplishments. My journey is unique and incomparable to others.

Here I am, having traversed 702 hard-earned miles. A massive achievement. The arrival at the infamous Kennedy Meadows, cheered on by fellow hikers, was an unforgettable moment. I made it, we all did. This moment encapsulates an intense blend of shared hardship, joy, and unbridled happiness. The journey has been less of a meditative retreat and more of a test of resolve, courage and bravery, far exceeding my initial expectations.

This Southern Californian leg of the journey has left me feeling revitalized and deeply connected to the earth, thanks to the diverse landscapes, incredible people, and the realization that this is my life for the coming half-year. Oh, what a beautiful, boundless, and pretty crazy life it promises to be.

Do what sets your heart on fire, and everything else will fall into place 🔥 💚

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Jul 01, 2023

Loved this read! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You're brave and an inspiration! Keep going <3

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