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From Cities to Mountains

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A big chapter is coming to an end. And for another chapter, it's just the beginning. After 4.5 amazing years in Luxembourg, I've made the decision to move to the Ardèche in France. This decision is to realign with what's most important. ... A slow down in pace. A connection to nature. Surrounded by friends and family. ...

I'm excited for a new change, but I'm also feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. Self-doubt. Fear. Uncertainty. This decision has not been an easy one. The idea of starting all over scares me. I'm questioning if this is the right decision. Doubting myself if I can successfully launch my business in a foreign country. All of these unknowns. I keep going back to my values and what's important: adventure, community, nature, simplicity. I keep reminding myself that within this fear - there's an opportunity to grow. This is a chance to begin a new adventure. This is my chance to push myself outside of my comfort zone. In these moments of self-doubt or uncertainty, I invite compassion and kindness in.

"You got this Chloe"

How will this impact my offerings? What will stay the same:

  • I will continue to teach 2 x weekly online yin classes and monthly online sound baths

What is changing:

  • I will travel to Luxembourg for in person sound healing on occasion. Stay tuned with my newsletter for upcoming dates!

  • I'm currently launching my yoga and sound business in Ardèche

  • Yoga retreats in Ardèche coming soon!

Do what you love. And the rest will come. 💚

Take care my lovelies,

Chloe Jane xx


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