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Tips To Help Keep You Healthy Through The Holidays

The end of the year can be a time of much joy, parties, seeing family and friends, gifts, good times. Although, it can also mean it’s a hard time for some to stick to healthy habits as your schedule becomes busier and your usual routine goes out the window.

Mindful Eating

If you have a calendar full of events, food will inevitably be on offer. Upholding social graces can often mean eating and drinking more than you usually would. Aim to snack mindfully, stick to smaller portions…you can always go back for more later if you want!


Keeping hydrated also keeps you feeling fuller for longer. If you are enjoying more caffeine (hello pumpkin-spiced, gingerbread, nutmeg lattes), drinking more alcohol, drinking water will help you consume less and stay hydrated, avoiding those feelings of discomfort that arise from overconsuming.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with indulging in those delicious holidays beverages but why not aim to swap out some of those alcoholic beverages with fancy sparkling waters filled with herbs like rosemary, or citrus.

Stick to your routines

It’s a challenging time of year as our schedules tend to shift. If you already have a well-established healthy routine with self-care, and diet, try not to lose sight of all your hard work and stick to it. There will be times where this may not be possible, for instance, if you have a holiday party but you usually work out in the evening then switch up your routine and exercise in the morning instead. Just be conscious of how often you are willing to mix up your healthy routine.

Rest and relax

You may have spent all year developing your healthy routine leading up to this season. Be gentle with yourself and remind yourself that self-care is a practice, be conscious of your health, hydrate, and rest. The added social engagements of the season and required social gatherings can be tiresome. Carve out time to wind down and keep your health your top priority. Give yourself this time as a gift.

Written by Meg Williams-Lucy (Holistic Health Coach living the life in LA)

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