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How to Follow My PCT Adventures

The countdown is on. My start date for the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is getting closer day by day. I will embark on my journey on March 31st 2023.

Many of you have asked how you can stay connected with me during this trail. I'm going to share a few ways of how you can stay updated on my adventures during the 2,650mile thru-hike from Mexico to Canada.

Firstly, thank you for being here. It means so much that you want to stay connected and follow my adventures. Your support is so appreciated. I've set up different channels to connect with me through my blog, Instagram, YouTube, and a Go Fund Me profile. I've also shared a few avenues specifically close friends and family (you know who you are :))

How to follow my PCT adventure

This Blog! I've downloaded the Wix App on my phone, and I will be posting blogs here and then while I'm on trail. I can't guarantee high quality blogs that will be created from my phone, but I can guarantee that I'll be sharing updates on my whereabouts and details of my adventure! Make sure you subscribe to my blog by signing up to my newsletter via the pop up window!

Instagram. I also love Instagram and will be using this to post stories, photos and videos. This will also be a create way to chat and stay connected through the messaging functionality. Make sure you're following me on IG here! (profile name is @chloejanejacobs)

Youtube. I'm starting to launch my Youtube channel, slowly but surely. I also cannot guarantee high quality videos while I'm on trail as I will have very limited editing functionality on my phone. But it doesn't have to be perfect! I think it will be a great way for you to see some great footage of my trail. You can subscribe to my Youtube channel. As I'm writing this post, I currently have 14 subscribers. Let's see if that number goes up!

Go Fund Me. I've created a Go Fund Me profile Cheering on Chloe, which shares my story of why I'm hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Any support would be greatly appreciated! You can check out my profile here.

For close family and friends, you can also track me live through the Garmin InReach App. Message me and I'll share you the details.

I can't wait to stay connected and share my adventures with you.

Do what you love. And the rest will come.

Chloe xx


Chloe Jane is a mindfulness coach, yoga teacher and sound healing practitioner. She believes in slowing things down and inviting deep rest into the fast-paced world.

Chloe will be embarking on a 2,650 mile thru-hike in March 2023 called the Pacific Crest Trail. She is South of France based and you can find her on instagram @chloejanejacobs.

Follow her sabbatical trek adventures and join her blog community!


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