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A Message to Future Thru-Hikers

What a special time. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is officially open!

People from all over are heading to the southern terminus at the Mexico-US border, just like you.

You're feeling everything right now. All of it. The excitement, nerves, doubt, you name it. I know, because experienced the same rollercoaster last March in 2023. Wow, I miss that rush.

The start date is a monumental moment for you. The result of years of dreaming, planning, and preparing. You've meticulously selected gear, mapped out resupply points, and put your regular lives on pause, all for the chance to chase a dream that spans 2,650 miles from desert to mountain, forest to valley.

The Rollercoaster of Emotions

Remember, feeling a whirlwind of emotions as you're about to set foot on trail is part of the journey! Just remember that you're not alone. Every hiker begins with their heart full of anticipation, stepping into the unknown with a mix of excitement, nervousness, and doubt swirling inside of them.

Every step you take is a testament to your courage and adventurous spirit. The trail will challenge you, pushing you to the limits of your physical and mental endurance. But within these challenges lies the true beauty of the trail. It teaches you about resilience, about the strength you didn't know you had, and about the profound beauty of the natural world.

My Message to Future Thru-Hikers

As you set out for your adventure of a lifetime, I want to impart some wisdom from personal experience.

Cherish Every Moment

Right now, 2,650 miles might seem like an endless journey ahead. But in reality, it flies by quicker than you'd expect, and suddenly, your thru-hike is behind you. Treasure every moment on trail, the highs and the lows alike. There's incredible beauty all around you – in the landscapes, the fellow hikers, and every experience. These moments are what will transform your journey into an unforgettable adventure.

Feel The Fear, And Do It Anyway

Fear will become your friend on this hike, not your enemy. Embrace your fears. They will teach you about courage and the thrill of overcoming obstacles. Remember, the greatest achievements often come from facing what scares us the most.

Listen To Your Body And Leave Your Ego Behind

Hike your own hike and pay attention to what your body tells you. Pushing beyond your body's limits can lead to injury, potentially cutting your journey short. You will learn when you can push through discomfort and recognize when to rest. Not every day will be effortless—some days, each step will feel like a triumph. Adaptability and respect for your body’s needs are key. Ignoring your body’s warnings can end your adventure prematurely, so listen closely and journey wisely.

You Are a Rockstar!!

You are joining a special community of adventurers and dreamers. You are a rockstar in the eyes of those who only dream of such adventures but have yet to take the step. Remember how courages you are. Embrace the stardom, you've deserve it.

My Parting Words

I'm filled with gratitude for the lessons learned and the beauty experienced from the PCT. The trail has a way of stripping life down to its essence, reminding us of what truly matters.

My message to future thru-hikers is this: You've got this.

Embrace each day, whether filled with sunshine or rain, for each offers its unique gifts.

Here's to daring to dream and stepping forward into the journey of a lifetime.

May it be everything you hope for and more.


PS. I've designed a three-week course to prepare you mentally for everything the trail has to throw at you. I genuinely want to help future hikers overcome their fear, worry, and doubts.

Train Your Brain is packed with tools and practices aimed at boosting your resilience, enhancing your experience on the trail, and helping you navigate the challenges with a positive mindset.

Think of it as equipping your mind just as you would your backpack – with everything you need to succeed. If you've been waiting for more concrete tools to help you mentally prepare..then this is your moment.


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