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1. What services do you offer?

As a certified yoga and sound healing facilitator, I offer restorative yoga classes, meditation, group and private sound healing and corporate wellness programs. You can connect with me to request a service here.

2. What yoga styles do you teach?

I offer restorative classes. This includes yin restorative, yin yoga, and sound healing. These styles are gentle and slow and provide you the opportunity to take time for yourself. Shifting your awareness from the external to internal. Tuning into yourself and checking in. 

3. What is sound therapy?

A lot of research has been done to understand how sound affects the body. Sound therapy is the use of sound to improve your physical health and emotional wellbeing. It removes energetic blockages and brings balance back into the body. It's an opportunity to drop out of the busy active mind and come into a relaxed space (rest and digest).

4. What benefits may I experience from a sound therapy?

There are many benefits to sound therapy on a physical and mental level. Sound therapy has proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, clear energetic blockages, calm the nervous system, and activate self-healing with the body. Sound healing provides the opportunity to bring balance back into your body.

5. Do I need any experience for sound therapy?

No experience required! This is why I love sound healing. All you need is a quiet space to relax and ensure you’re comfortable and open to receive the healing frequencies of the instruments. 

6. What should I expect from my first sound healing session?

All sessions begin with a consultation to better understand your physical, mental and emotional state. The sound healing sessions run from 60-75 minutes. You will be lying down in a comfortable position with blankets and bolsters. We begin with a guided meditation to arrive into the space. You'll experience sounds and healing vibrations from the singing bowls. Each experience is unique. 

7. Do you organize wellness retreats?

I do not currently organize wellness retreats, but this has been one of my dreams for a few years! I’m experienced in participating in a retreat and offering yoga or sound healing sessions, if you’d like me to attend your retreats please reach out.

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